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Bane Coat Black Genuine Real Leather Coat Batman Dark Knight Shearling

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Bane Coat Black Genuine Real Leather Coat Batman Dark Knight Shearling

Eight years after the events that occurred in the Batman movie, The Dark Knight, and Gotham City is finally at peace thanks to Batman having taken the rap for the murder of Harvey Dent. However the peace doesn’t last for long thanks to the arrival of Bane, a new malevolent criminal whose plan is to take over the city and to expose the truth about Harvey Dent. Meanwhile Batman is a virtual recluse after having had Wayne Manor rebuilt but he is forced to come out of retirement once Bane’s plan to take the city by force comes to fruition. An elusive jewel thief called Selina Kyle might just be the way to stop Bane but it’s not clear whose side she is on – and Batman is suffering from a lack of allies.

If you want to embrace your dark side and unleash your inner super villain on the world, what better way to do so than by wearing our stylish Genuine Leather Bane Coat which is inspired by the one that Tom Hardy wore in his role as Batman’s nemesis in director Christopher Nolan’s highly acclaimed 2012 Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises?

Bane Coat in Black Cowhide Genuine Leather

The longer length leather coat has been made from the finest quality genuine cowhide leather, and as seen in the pictures, has a stylish fleece trim and collar, making it an almost exact replica of the coat worn by Bane in the movie. The coat also has a split at the back, chunky buttons and patch pockets. If you’re looking at winter jackets with a difference we think the Bane – Batman Dark Knight Rises coat is ideal!

Custom Bane Coat

Like all of our men’s and women’s leather jackets the Bane coat was made by hand and all of the seams have been double stitched for extra durability. If your size is not listed in our measurement chart, please contact us as we are happy to make customized sizes.

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