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Luxe Beauty Box White

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Superior Lighting Technology For 0 Errors

Our innovative and superior illumination technology mimics both daylight and twilight conditions, eradicating shadows by uniformly distributing light across your entire face. Select from 3 tailored illumination levels boasting a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding 90.

Fit More Of Your Items With Smart Storage

Spacious sections offer ample room for your everyday cosmetics, facilitating an easy search for your essentials. Multi-purpose dividers distinguish between your pencils and brushes, while also ensuring your makeup remains safe in the premium Luxe Beauty Box.

Precise Makeup Application For Any Light Environment

Our Illumination Technology mimics diverse light conditions from twilight to glaring sunlight, enabling you to fine-tune and enhance your makeup based on where you're at & where you're going in 3 seconds or less.

Longest Lasting Cordless Battery Life

Recharge anywhere, anytime, with a standard included USB-C cord that lasts 3x longer on a single charge than any of our other vanity bags

Your Own Professional, Mobile Vanity

Every aspect of our beauty boxes are optimized for seamless travel convenience. Why have your lighting, mirror, and makeup separated when you could benefit from portability without limits?

Perfect To Use Anywhere At Home

 aren't just for travel - Get ready with ease in the comfort of your own home with perfect lighting and organization whether you're in bed, in the kitchen, or outside.

A Gift Your Special Someone Will Truly Love

Make this holiday season memorable when you choose a Luxe Beauty Box for your special someone!

Luxe Beauty Box White Luxe Beauty Box White Luxe Beauty Box White