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V8 Engine Model Kit - Build Your Own V8 Engine - Science Experiment STEM Toy - Enginediy

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V8 Engine Model Kit - Build Your Own V8 Engine - Science Experiment STEM Toy - Enginediy

The V8 Engine is one of the cylinder arrangement types of internal combustion engines. V8 engine model kit is generally used in medium and high-end vehicles. The eight cylinders are divided into two groups, each of which is arranged in a V-shape. It is the most common engine structure in high-level motor sports.


✔ LET YOUR CHILDREN GET HANDS ON: The V8 Engine need to build up by yourself. It consisits of 270pcs accessories. And it is almost the same as a real V8 engine, giving you a real assembly experience and you can learn all about the wonderful world of mechanical engineering in one immersive set.
✔ INCLUDES EVERYTHING NEEDED TO BUILD: Your child will have a great time building this comprehensive model engine toy! Tinker with the cranks, pulleys, belts, and exhaust valves to make this little gadget come to life right in front of their eyes!
✔ REALISTIC MODEL THAT WORKS: When the switch is pressed, the motor drives the cylinder piston cam drive shaft to rotate; the 8 cylinder pistons make the stroke to drive the fan to rotate, and the timing belt drives the bearing of the intake valve to rotate, so that the intake valve opens and closes. The internal LED light will illuminate during operation, and the analog sound of the engine will be emitted from the speaker, like real one. And it will be turned off after about 30 seconds.
✔ DEVELOP THEIR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: Enginediy V8 Engine Model Kit will encourage young boys and girls to expand their creativity, think logically, and even refine their motor skills all at once!
✔ MAKE THE WORLD OF STEM AMAZING for your children with this intuitive and engaging kit! It makes science, mechanical engineering, and even technology exciting from start to finish!


Item Name: V8 Engine Model Kit
Material: Metal + Plastic
Parts: 270pcs
Product Weight: 1790g
Package Dimensions: 50.4 x 35.5 x 10cm
Package Weight: 1900g
Packing: Box

Packing List:

1 Set x V8 Engine Model Kit ( 270Pcs)